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95 Gallon Household size: 4 or more people Cart holds 6-7 kitchen size garbage bags per week.

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Hillco Disposal provides 95 gallon roll out carts for both residential and commercial use and convenience. Typically used in areas that are not serviced by the municipality in which they are located, such as condominiums, gated communities, homeowners’ associations and subscription services. the roll out carts are also frequently employed in apartment complexes where there is no space for a dumpster.

Hillco Disposal provides service on garbage collection up to five days per week.


During weekly pick-ups, we offer bulk pick-up ; (mattresses, chairs, sofas, large boxes, etc) not fitting inside the cart(s) at an additional price for that weekly pick up.

"We only offer services to property management companies at this time"

Holiday Schedule 

If your trash service day falls on or after a holiday then your regular trash pickup will be rescheduled to the following day. Our residential trash pickup routes will not be run on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

When you sign up with Hillco Disposal there are no delivery fees, no set up fees, and we will bring 95 gallon cart(s) to you for Free

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  • Number of Carts​
We can also do an onsite visit for suggestions. 
Trash Collection
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